E-Advance 1


There’s no reason to hit the snooze button when your morning commute feels like a dream. eAdvance 1 is the electric bicycle that makes getting where you need to go exactly where you want to be.

Handlebar set with Pro looks

Aluminum flat bar and threadless headset stem with four bolts head cap. Plus Shimano digital ebike indicator showing how professional this bike is.

Reinforcement make frame even stronger

After careful calculation of frame geometry, we add reinforcement to make frame structure even stronger. Riders need to be protected with high speed pursue and it goes without saying frame need to be very liabled.

Heart of the power

Equipped with Shimano Step E6000, and 250W mid motor has bring this bike life. The smooth motor torque the wheel turning into high speed, and the rider will not feel heavy on the foot anymore.

Seat with comfort

Even with the riding on the bumpy road, this seat secure your body weight without shocking and hurting. Evan though, the appearance of the saddle still keep in good shape, and it does not look like beast!

Quick Action for changing Speeds

With Shimano TX800 8 speed rear gears and EZ shifters, and there is nothing can be more affordable and working with the Electric Power Assistant System! No need to have too fancy stuff, but minimum quality value is still there!

Energy comes from the electric

Shimano battery was made by Sony, who is so well know that quality will not be failed! This battery is 36V, 11.6AH and it is powerful enough for the rider to stay 100 km distance.